Swine Services Unlimited, Inc.

Swine Services Unlimited, Inc.


  • Consulting

    Both Drs Winkelman and Mueller provide swine and poultry consulting services to independent and company owned swine and poultry producers. They focus on herd health management, biosecurity, production improvement, research, and disease eradication. They both provide consulting services nationwide and internationally.

  • Research

    With over 30 years of combined experience in swine research, Drs Winkelman and Mueller have played integral roles in working with pharmaceutical/biologics companies, production systems, feed companies, and producers to conduct an array of swine associated research. Please see our research page for more information.

  • Sow and Finishing Records

    In 2012 SSUI started a records bureau with PigKnows for sow records and in 2015 added a records bureau with Metafarms for wean to finish records. This is a service we offer to our clients to help them better monitor their operations overall performance and economic progress.

  • Product Sales

    SSUI offers various vaccinations, medications, nutraceuticals, supplies needed on swine and poultry farms. To place an order call the office at (320) 393-7447 and a staff member will assist you.

  • Other Services

    Providing best cost health and production protocols, ventilation consulting, PQA Plus Certification/site assessments, Common Industry Audit preparation/compliance, ultrasound pregnancy scans, and emergency services.